Steny Hoyer: Stephen Colbert's Testimony To Congress Was 'An Embarrassment For Mr. Colbert'

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Actors performing in Congress... I remember when a young Kuwaiti refugee named Nariyah testified before both houses of Congress about babies being ripped from incubators and thrown on the floor by Saddam's soldiers. Of course it came out much later that that "refugee" was the daughter of a Kuwaiti ambassador who had lived most of her life in the DC area. She was never identified as such during her testimony. It also came out later that there was no evidence of babies ever having been ripped from incubators by Iraqi troops.

So we have one known actor appearing before congress in character telling the truthful story of his brief foray into farm work. And one undisclosed actor giving utterly fraudulent testimony before Congress. Lying to Congress is a crime; in that case unprosecuted. In one case a comedian brought a bit of poignant levity to a serious issue in a totally transparent way. In the other we had a Hill & Knowlton orchestrated PR stunt that paved the way to an actual war.
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