How Does A Blonde Rob A Bank?

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Barbie - Stripes

I'm pretty sure there's at least one dumb blonde joke in this, but I'll leave it alone.

Johnston said the idea of robbing a bank began as a joke.

"I mean, it's crossed a lot of people's minds, from what I've heard," she said.

But things did not go as expected. The two never got wigs as they had earlier planned. And after getting lost on the way to the bank, they initially went to the wrong bank branch.

"We took a wrong turn somewhere, ended up going to a completely different Bank of America," Johnston said.

She said they called their teller contact and went to his branch without worrying about how the robbery would unfold. "We had an inside man," she said.

As the teller gave them the money, the cash nearly got away from them, too.

"He started throwing it and it was like going everywhere," Johnston said.


"Some of the stuff we did was pretty ignorant," she said.

Sometimes they just write themselves.