NBC News Fires Back At Glenn Greenwald's McCaffrey Report (UPDATE: Greenwald Responds)

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

So NBC took the time to write a letter that confirms the major elements of Glenn Greenwald's story: They DID have Barry McCaffrey speak on Iran at a recent editorial board meeting. It IS their policy to hear from "leading analysts" like McCaffrey. Nowhere do they even address the central issue raised by Greenwald's piece. McCaffrey has multiple conflicts of interest which were well established by Pulitzer-winning reportage. Yet they conclude that Greenwald's piece was "woefully inaccurate." It would help their case if they could point out a single inaccuracy as opposed to demonstrating how accurate it was.

Greenwald's piece is worth reading for a number of reasons including the images from McCaffrey's powerpoint presentation. Note the use of the flag icon boasting his four star general status. McCaffrey's been retired since 1996. But this creepy influence peddler and war profiteer still expects everyone to stand up and salute. And NBC seems all too willing to do so.