Chicken-Hawk O'Reilly Cuts Off Colonel

Sunday, April 01, 2007

If you can stand the sound of O'Reilly's blather, this clip is worth watching. As a study in cowardice I mean. O'Reilly always makes me think of nothing so much as one of those terrible profs who warns new students that his class is really tough, but if you get a good grade you've really earned something. Then spends the rest of the semester burying students in piles of useless, busy work and grading unfairly. I've had them. I think we've all had them. The ones who think unreasonably difficult equals academically challenging. I was always astounded at how many students bought into the bluster and thought they were actually learning something. And I continue to be astounded at O'Reilly's ratings. Sure he says he's cutting through spin, but all he does is shout down anyone who disagrees with him. In other words, a garden variety bully. And like all bullies, he's really a coward. Not news, but I needed to get it off my chest.

Sadly, I think he's probably quite proud of the abuse he heaped upon Colonel Ann Wright, because he seems to think cutting someone's mic is winning an argument. But anyone with an ounce of analytical skill will recognize that she buried him. And as News Hounds points out, the straw that broke O'Reilly's back was her pointing out that she had actually served in uniform, while he...

It seems the last straw that led to Bill O'Reilly cutting the mic of retired US. Army Colonel Ann Wright on The Factor last night 3/30/07 was her declaration of 29 years of service, and her questioning O'Reilly about how many years he served. This happened as she refused to let him silence her by overtalking, twisting her words and accusing her of blaming America for the Iran-Britain situation going on now. With video.

Wright,who taught the Geneva Conventions to troops at Fort Bragg, might just know what she's talking about, but O'Reilly didn't like the direction of her comments so overtalked with increasing agitation, accusing her of blaming America.


Video Grrrl said...

An awesome mash-up of Bill O. being psychoanalysed by Dr. Phil, edited by my amigo Sim Sadler.

Anonymous said...

Oh Wow.

I can't wait to see how my man Olbermann disembowels Loofah Boy for this cowardly stunt.

(sounds of stilettos being sharpened)

Anonymous said...

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