Rush Limbaugh's War Against Good Taste

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A week ago Rush Limbaugh launched into a tirade against the "Stalinist" Media Matters. The reason: In the wake of the Don Imus scandal, Media Matters had dared to point out that Limbaugh had an equally ignoble history of sexism and race-baiting. In a flurry of outrageous statements, Limbaugh dropped this little gem.

I'm not going to let the Democrat Party or the left or some lackey watchdog group or a couple of race hustlers dictate my speech. They don't get to use the power of government to silence conservatives, which is their real purpose.

No wonder Limbaugh was feeling a little nervous. Public opinion is turning sharply against his brand of humor; his stock in trade. With the political movement he helped define in its embarrassing downward arc, what does he have left?

As per a Town Called Dobson, Limbaugh threw caution to the wind and let fly with an exercise in bad taste called "Barack the Magic Negro," sung to the tune of "Puff the Magic Dragon" by Al Sharpton impersonator Paul Shanklin. In it Limbaugh and his cohorts revel in the divisions in the black community over Obama's supposed lack of adequate blackness. For good measure, they throw in images of Obama dressed as a Klansman and "real black" man Snoop Dog's mug shot. Get it? "Real black men" go to jail. It gets worse from there. Enjoy!