"Fairlane Train"

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Memory: I can take my head and strike it on a wall

-- James Dickey, excerpt, "The Shark's Parlor"

I think listening to music is the only thing I have the sustained mental energy for these days. So, in that spirit, I bring you Billy Hector. I used to go see Billy Hector and the Fairlanes about once a month. Diane brought that swathe of memory rippling to the surface recently in one of her music sharing threads on My Left Wing. I'm finding myself listening to this again and again.


Anonymous said...

"jaundiced eye"?
So do we call you Ms Jaundiced now?

Is this more about that history between you and the now banned TBC? Banned from MLW anyway but who isn't these days I suppose. You know it used to be at least a semi-exclusive club but now they're letting anyone in.

So according to her figures (and she's light - there were others) MSOC's tripled her kill list in one incident? I think that's the biggest round of mass bannings that MLW has seen. I wonder how long it will be before they get back to insisting that nobody gets banned again. I've seen this stuff get swept under the carpet and down the memory hole time and again.

Maybe you should just swap blogs with TBC since he felt he had to grab a new blog with a name / url very similar to this one. Is jaundiced.blogspot still free?

I'm sure he'd redirect your traffic.

Let's see what the thesaurus has for jaundiced....

biased, bigoted, bitter, colored, cynical, disapproving, distorted, envious, grudging, hostile, intolerant, jealous, one-sided, opprobrious, partial, partisan, preconceived, prejudiced, prepossessed, resentful, skeptical, spiteful, suspicious, tendentious, unfair, unfriendly, unindifferent, warped, yellow

I reckon it's more accurate but I'll miss "Curmudgette".
("unindifferent" ?)

Curmudgette said...

David Byron said:

So do we call you Ms Jaundiced now?

Nope. Curmudgette is fine. But, so glad you asked. The new name and redesign is an homage to, in my humble opinion, the greatest of the curmudgeon writers: Florence King. Reflections in a Jaundiced Eye, which is available for purchase in Curmudgette's Reading Room, is not my favorite of her books, but it is my favorite of her titles. Now, if she were here, she probably wouldn't waste time answering your questions. She'd probably just lace into you with some vile invective replete with scatological references and threaten to shoot you; such a pill, that Florence.

Diane said...

I love this video.

We are going to have to do a MLW jam meet up sometime, and all play music together!