Upon My Return from a Morbid Holiday

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Originally posted: Monday, January 09, 2006

My dear friend the Blogging Curmudgeon informs me that many important events have occurred over the Holidays -- twelve miners died in West Virginia, Chavez has made moves to consolidate power in Latin America, Russia is playing a game of chess with Western Europe's natural gas supply, other stuff...there's a whole big world beyond our borders, folks -- and that bloggers are demonstrating their total irrelevance by ignoring them. True. All true. I'm quite sure we will be exploring those and other earth-shaking events in the coming months.

First, however, I must address the event that rocked my world, over the holidays. Wonkette, my personal blogging heroine and idol, to whom my own humble moniker pays homage, is leaving her blogging perch. Ana Marie Cox will be turning her full attention to a different publishing format -- something called "books." I've heard tell that there is a print world beyond blogging, but I was fairly certain that the blogosphere had rendered it all anachronistic. Perhaps I shall have to reconsider now that her eminence Ms. Cox has embraced those hard, bound things. (Ooh!) Wonkette will heretofore be impersonated by one David Lat, formerly of "Underneath Their Robes." We shall see if he can bring the same passionate irreverence to DC gossip, politics, and anal sodomy. Cox has given her blessing to the "Reliable Source" column on her departure. The Washington Post hates to be excerpted, but I will impart a little of their text, in keeping with their strictures.

Wonkette is dead -- long live Wonkette.