Kos Is One But We Are Many

Friday, February 16, 2007

A shout out to Skippy who has included this humble blog in his amnesty program, by adding it to his blogroll. Smooches.

And applause to Rob of Intrepid Liberal Journal for giving voice to a thought that has been rattling around my head for days.

What Skippy has started with his program is an opportunity for all of us to grow together as a movement. I propose we visit each other's sites and either post comments or send emails to each other requesting reciprocal links. Markos is but one and we are many.

If there is a lesson in this blogroll controversy, it's that bloggers have given over too much power to the Big Boys of Blogging. For many of us the impetus behind blogging was to take our power back from an arrogant White House. It should be clear now that we face a similar challenge with the anointed leaders of the blogosphere, as they race to close the gate behind them.


Rob said...

Darlin' you're going on the blogroll!