Wing Nuts

Sunday, February 11, 2007

It's incredibly silly of me to get stuck on things like this, but I just find human behavior so fascinating. Last night while I was tooling around the web gathering info for my previous entry, I stumbled on this blog. Wow. Clearly our takes on the New Yorker article were very different. I based mine on the actual content of the article. She wheeled out that "liberal" straw man who exists only in the minds of the most insular, brainwashed wing nut.

I left a comment on her blog pointing out that the knee-jerk "liberals" highlighted in the New Yorker piece are a brigadier general from West Point, an FBI interrogation specialist, etc. Strangely, she hasn't published my comment.

I can live with the personal slight. It is to be expected after all from a person who characterizes liberals as people who want our children exposed to images of bestiality and violent sex. (This as opposed to the good kind of violence extolled on "24," which she assures us our teens should see.) Anyone who lives in a bubble that thick cannot be expected to be bothered with troublesome facts. All that reading comprehension and reality-based thought still falls to us "intellectually self-righteous" types.