Blogroll Update

Friday, March 23, 2007

Welcome to the newest addition to the blogroll, Waiting for Dorothy. It seems like a lovely site, but more to the point, I noticed in my stats that I was getting hits from their blogroll. I try to add sites whenever I notice that they have added me. It's more than a courtesy. It's a philosophy.

Skippy has has done a couple of great pieces on how the the great blogroll purge has implications beyond the drop in immediate click-through for those of us with "lesser" blogs. Google site rankings are, of course, based in part on link popularity. So a healthy blogroll is a big part of keeping the greater left wing blogosphere visible to surfers in oh so many ways.

If you've you linked to me, and I haven't linked you back, it's because I don't know about it. Feel free to give me a nudge.

Addendum: And another. Thanks for the link Wilkins Times.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the kind invitation. Here I am:

Glad to be part of the family.

DavidByron said...

So if I had a blog and I linked to this site then you would link to my site?

Henry Louis said...

If you had a blog that didn't approve of hitting pregnant women with baseball bats, maybe...after the Curmudgette gets a total frontal lobotomy...and even then, I think she'd retain just enough sense to not link to you.

Or that could be a different section of the Blogroll: "People We Loathe."

Curmudgette said...

DavidByron said...

So if I had a blog and I linked to this site then you would link to my site?

Not on a dare, DB. Not even with a stolen blogroll.
Seriously, I think I'd sooner link to Free Republic. As you know I'd fight to the death for your right to spew your idiocy, but a link is an endorsement. I gladly link to people with whom I have disagreement. But where you're concerned it's not so much disagreement as an ideological fault line.

DavidByron said...

I think you have a lot more in common with me that you dare to admit.

Thank you for your offer to fight to the death for me. People throw out that quote a lot but when you say it about *me* then it means something because you might really get "called up" one day.

At any rate I'd be happy to link to your site despite our differences. It wouldn't be an endorsement of every single thing you say but it would be acknowledgement that you are worth reading.