Harriet Miers: Loyal to the End

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Well. At least one question is answered by the newest revelations about the federal prosecutor purge; Harriet Miers resignation. I knew there was some reason other the one proffered by Tony Snow.

Basically, she has been here six years.

I guess it would have sounded too silly even for Snow to say that the childless spinster wanted to spend more time with her family. Miers has devoted her life to her career... and to George W. Bush. So when she suddenly abandoned both, it smacked of a deeper mystery. And now it has been solved. Miers is a key figure in the firing of all those pesky, "disloyal" federal prosecutors.

Miers announced her resignation on January 4, 2007. A glance at the TPM time-line reminds us that on January 13 we learned that:

The head of the FBI's San Diego office and several former federal prosecutors are publicly questioning the politics behind the Bush administration's effort to force Carole Lam to resign as U.S. Attorney for San Diego.

It was a small but nagging point. No one resigns for no good reason.