Hell Is Other People

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hell, Detail of a Demon Hitting the Damned, circa 1450

I only just got around to reading through Scribe's excellent post on the troubled dynamics of the blogosphere. I don't know that I accept all of her conclusions but, still, very insightful. If this bit doesn't sum up what's been rippling through the ether the last several days, I don't know what does.

Ok. So one way or another, we find ourselves in these groups that feel and seem to be falling apart at the freaking seams. all around our ears. Some of us panic, not wanting to lose whatever measure of belonging we had found..and attack the hell out of any visible outsiders that might be "causing" this fracturing. Or we may turn on each other. Or we may decide to walk away altogether. All of these are understandable human behaviors given wherever we each are at in our own lives.

But sometimes, this dynamic seems to escalate and takes on a life of it's own. It begins to spread, like a virus, from place to place. Once it gets inside of us, we can end up carry it like any contagious viri, wherever else we go outside our own "group"..and infect others along the way. Until it can reach an epidemic stage.

I didn't delve too deeply into this latest multi-site dust-up. In part because I have been heavily involved in some other writing projects. In part because the little bit I looked at turned my stomach in a way that I haven't experienced in this arena too often... if ever. Still, I made the mistake of sticking in a toe and got sucked inexorably into depths of goo. Oh well. Live and learn.

I may need to take a little break. I can't say right now whether it will be hours, days, or weeks. It depends on just how many ceremonial cleansing baths it takes for me to feel clean again.


DavidByron said...

When I read this comment this morning I thought to myself that you'd only need one cleansing and it was waiting for you at MLW.

Yeah that puts things in perspective.