Camp Ana?

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Well this is in poor taste; having an anorexic counsel chubby girls. But that's the plan for the new season of "The Simple Life."

You have to hand it to E! There's a subtle genius to hiring a celebrity who's admitted to suffering from an eating problem to counsel people at a weight loss camp -- one who was hospitalized two weeks ago because she forgot that she's supposed to drink things.

Maybe they can call it Camp Ana. The cadaverous Richie can inspire them all with her tales of how she's been forcing herself to eat high calorie foods so that someday she'll actually cast a shadow. I know how much chunky girls love to hear thin people talk about how they just can't gain weight.


Anonymous said...


Remember freak shows? For a quarter, voyeuristic sadists from Mayberry, USA, would eagerly watch sad genetic mistakes like bearded ladies, the World's Fattest Man, midgets, Siamese twins and Zippy the Pinhead.

"Oh wow, lookit that, Ma!"

"Not so loud, Timmy. It can hear you. Pass the popcorn."

But we've moved on from those barbaric times. We're civilized. Who goes to nasty old circuses now?

No sir, instead we'll grab the TV remote and watch the obese lesbian ex-nun having a incestuous relationship with her brain damaged brother who's in jail for killing their mother.

"Jesus, those people are freaks, huh? Hey! Nicole Ritchie gonna be on The Simple Life tonight. Wanna watch?"

"Sure. Boy, she's pathetic, ain't she? Pass the popcorn."