Tuesday, March 27, 2007

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DavidByron said...

When I read this comment this morning I thought to myself that you'd only need one cleansing and it was waiting for you at MLW.

Yeah that puts things in perspective.

You're not wrong, DB. Cleansing ritual. Sock to the gut. Whatever works?

For those who do not know it, a regular of My Left Wing, and Maryscott's friend, BeagleandTabby, attempted suicide this morning. Maryscott found a suicide note posted as a diary on MLW. Thanks in part to her quick action, the police were able to get to him in time, and he is now in the hospital.

This has been a sad day and a rather profound climax to an ugly period in the blogosphere.

My thoughts and prayers go out to BeagleandTabby. And to his friends and family.

I don't know what prompted me to look for this video this morning, but now it feels appropriate, somehow. I think of Joni Mitchell, as Ginsburg did of Whitman, as my "courage-teacher." This is in my opinion a breathtaking cover of one of the greatest songs ever written.


DavidByron said...

You said at MLW:
I know I can be a real bitch. Hence the moniker. But even I know you don't throw stones at people when they are in shock and trying to rescue a friend who is in tragic distress.

Everything you've said on this has precisely mirrored my own thoughts. I thought I was supposed to be the insensitive one, but the behaviour of some on this thing has been so nasty I am left thinking, "Ok - they can't have meant that surely?" and looking for some sort of excuse or explanation for actions I can't comprehend.

Am *I* the odd one? Is there some perspective from which making snitty remarks about someone who's friend just killed themselves... as if was just another Tuesday in act-like-an-asshole land.... can it make sense somehow? And they're acting as if it was normal and respectable.

Huh? What the FUCK???

I am trying to see what alternative explantion there is than that someone could be that big a douchebag. I was genuinely confused about it.

I knew you would get what I was saying with the comment of mine that you quote in this post, and I just instinctively knew that this event would wipe away the pettiness. And for most people it did of course. But for some people I guess it really didn't make that much difference to them. It was all just another opportunity to be snitty.

Am I that stupid about understanding people? But you had that same intuition didn't you? That this event would wash away the pettiness of those other days...?


Tell me it isn't just me!

Curmudgette said...

"No matter how cynical you become, it's never enough to keep up." -- Jane Wagner/Lily Tomlin

Take everything I thought I knew about human nature and just chuck it right out the window. This is the most revolting display I've ever seen. I've known clinical psycho/sociopaths who could at least mimic appropriate behavior better than what went on DKos, etc. Maybe its the relative anonymity of cyberspace. I know that's at least part of why people act in flame wars in ways they never would in the meat world. I've seen some ugly flame. But wow. The last week has been a whole new level of cyber-depravity and yesterday's events were the icing on the cake. Inhuman. Truly inhuman.

DavidByron said...

Thank you.

Curmudgette said...

You're welcome. Did you catch this bit of madness over at Booman Tribune?

DavidByron said...

I don't read BooMan usually. For some reason the right hand margin is bust and the comment text overlaps the third column.

Yeah that was informative. I didn't know the mom had been in touch and presumably the guy's out of danger since he's been in touch too. Also it looks like the whole Marisacat angle has been out in the open so I can quit biting my tongue at Mo Betta.

I'm glad you were there. You and Curmudgeon. If you hadn't then Maryscott would have felt she had to answer Miss Devore and we'd be off on another round of it. You were polite about it. Not just you of course.

The only way I can understand Miss Devore's behaviour is that at base she feels she's sticking up for her own friend who she sees under attack. But it's crazy. Like something snapped. She can't see anything else. She kept trying to connect it back to alleged attacks on her friend.

Maybe that's part of it. I believe you and B.C. would have defended anyone as you did. Neither of you know MSOC or B&T well, right? With Miss Devore it was incredibly personal....?

Curmudgette said...

I don't know either Maryscott or Booman in the face 2 face world. You'd have to have to ask the BC that question, yourself, because I do not speak to him.

But, yeah. MSOC definitely needs someone to protect her flank. I can't believe the way she's being treated. The sickness is so deep.

Btw, I've devoted an entire new post to this.